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The Man behind Burgal

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Jun 3, 2021

June 3, 2021

The Man behind Burgal – Abdirahman Mohamud Yusuf

Abdirahman “Abu” Mohamud Yusuf founded Burgal Oy a year ago to meet the ever-changing needs of Finland’s working life. He has a strong vision and a lot of expertise on how the labor market is developing and needs to support its development. He believes that bold and innovative solutions, as well as close cooperation, can achieve the best results.

I believe in man’s ability to learn and evolve, but man cannot succeed on his own. There’s always a need for cooperation

Abdirahman, who moved to Finland thirty years ago from Somalia, has successfully graduated himself, first with a commercial degree and then with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Forestry Economics. He is about to graduate with a Master’s degree this spring from the University of Helsinki. In his Master’s thesis, he wrote about the exploitation of blockchain technology in the food production chain. The economics, strategic economic competence, cooperative and circular economy of developing countries, particularly Africa, are also part of his particular competence. In addition to his education, Abdirahman has a huge amount of knowledge and first-hand experience about integration, after all, he has been very well integrated in Finland. Through his own experiences, he wants to help develop integration measures and make it easier for other immigrants to adapt to the Finnish workforce. He is also of huge interest in investing, cryptocurrencies, and exploiting various technologies in the working field, and in his spare time, he likes to read more about them. Abdirahman often entertains himself with pondering the future and the direction in which the world is evolving.

Finland’s national economy needs competencies in several sectors without looking at their backgrounds and/or external characteristics. The economic balance can only be achieved by improving the dynamics of the Finnish labor market.

Abdirahman values reliability, open-mindedness, and expertise. He is an experienced businessman but also understands, values and advocates humanist values and lifelong learning. Reflecting the values of the CEO of a company, Burgal is a very people-driven and solution-oriented company, whose main mission is to provide solutions and business expertise to other companies and authorities to develop the productivity and dynamics of the working world.

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