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We create solutions and options for businesses and society

Burgal was created for the needs of the working life. We are solution-centered, we seek and develop the best solutions for developing the labor market and improving its productivity. We want to change the idea of how the job market works, by utilizing both old and new. By providing rich and high-quality solutions for both public authorities and private companies, we are solving, to the best of our competence, challenges arising from the asymmetrical confrontation of the labor market. The Finnish working life needs not only workers, but also solutions for the development of working life. To that end, in Burgal we are solution- centered and agile in responding to the challenges of the labour market.

The Finnish labor market is constantly changing as a result of the development and globalization of technology. The resulting, continued growth in labor requirements and keeping up with changes requires skills from businesses and authorities. Beyond that, finding knowledgeable workers produces its own challenges.

At Burgal, we believe that we can produce the best solutions for the labor market that elevate corporate productivity and profitability in the labor market. Burgal also specializes in the industrial challenges of the authorities. We want to help respond to challenging topics that are burdening the public sector, such as immigration and unemployment.

We want to influence the dynamics of working life. It has been traditionally linear, with people taking one career path from start to finish, but it is more timely today to talk about career periods or seasons. In Burgal, we want to create a working life in which companies have the best solutions and skilled and motivated workers that raise the productivity of the national economy. At the same time, we want to resolve the structure of labor policy by developing the skills and skills of people to employ in the labor market.

Finland’s Working Life needs not only workers, but also training solutions for the development of working life. To that end, in Burgal we are solution-centered and agile in responding to the challenges of the labor market.

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