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The Man behind Burgal

The Man behind Burgal – Abdirahman Mohamud Yusuf Abdirahman “Abu” Mohamud Yusuf founded Burgal Oy a year ago to meet the ever-changing needs of Finland's working life. He has a strong vision and a lot of expertise on how the labor market is developing and needs to...

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Multicultural competence in the workplace

As immigration has increased since the mid-2010s, there has also been a lot of public debate in Finland about immigrants and their integration into the Finnish workforce, among others. There has also been much research into the adaptation and success of immigrants who...

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What can be learned from the COVID-19?

2020 has been a very special year, we can certainly all agree on it. The coronavirus landed in Finland in early March. The pandemic caused a global economic shock that drove Finland's economy into recession. That followed heated speculation about how the economy will...

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Why is work-related immigration good for Finland?

The Ministry of the Interior has developed a program to strengthen work-based immigration with a commitment to comply, support and bring into prominence the Finnish Government's immigration policy line 2018-2021. The government's immigration policy line supports the...

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Recruiting a competitive advantage for the company

Since the 1990s, there have been major changes in the Finnish labor market, affecting, among other things, the way companies deal with staff in the present day. The importance of recruitment to businesses has grown even greater, for example, because of changes in...

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Tips for job search

The job search takes time and energy and requires patience and activity from the applicant. When applying for a job, it's good to keep your own values and goals clear in mind — what are your career plans and what kind of job are best suited to? Even if your current...

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