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We solve both big and small challenges easily and with high quality in close cooperation with the client.

In support of integration

We are your partner through all phases and challenges of immigrant integration! At Burgal, we offers customized consulting services for integrating immigrants into the Finnish working world. We specialize in all immigrant services.

In support of institutions

Burgal offers training programs for businesses, authorities and individuals to meet the needs of a changing professional life. The increase in the number of immigrants in Finland requires educational institutions and organizations’ resources. As a result, educational institutions must understand immigration even more about supporting different identities and considering their needs.

In support of employment

Unemployment causes direct costs to the Finnish economy of 10.6 billion euros. Finland needs developers of working life structures – at Burgal, we want to do our part and support the development and productivity of the Finnish national economy. We want to help and support the public sector in implementing the government’s employment guidelines .

Our Mission

We offer consultation and training solutions for the constantly changing needs of the working world.
Burgal is built for the needs of the working world. We are solution-focused; we look for and develop the best solutions for improving employment and the integration of immigrants. By providing diverse and quality solutions, we solve the challenges due to the imbalance of the incidence on the Finnish labour market.

Our Vision

We want to change the dynamics of the labor market. Our goal is to create a working world, in which businesses have the best solutions for increasing productivity and profitability. With our training programs, we want to renew the labour policy structure and promote the national economy by developing people’s skills to get employed. We aim at solving the challenges of the working world also from the viewpoint of the authorities. For example, such challenges as how to better integrate immigrants into the work environment and how the skills and prior education of the immigrants can be made better use of.


We are a family-owned company offering business competence, like consulting and training services for companies and public authorities. We are specialized in methods that help companies make progress and grow their business in changing situations. The best results can be achieved by discovering new solutions and business areas. We believe that employees are the key factor in the success of the company. Our varied training programs allow you to achieve the full potential of your company’s staff.

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Abdirahman (Abu) Mohamud Yusuf


The Finnish labour market needs solutions that increase the profitability of the public economy and overall well-being on long-term.

With my life experience and extensive studying, I know how the labour market works and I understand the diversity of the business community. As an immigrant, I also have firsthand experience of what integration means in practice. I believe in man’s ability to learn new and evolve, but man cannot succeed on his own. There’s always a need for cooperation.

Our core values


We can find the most suitable solutions for your challenges whether they are big or small


There is strength in cooperation, that is why we want to work in close cooperation with our customers

High quality

From us you can always expect the highest quality results that fulfill the strictest demand


Our solutions are designed to facilitate workforce mobility.

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