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Multidisciplinary cooperation
Public Authorities

In addition to the integration of immigrants, Burgal offers solutions for managing the organization’s personnel – Courses and Seminars to guarantee a first-class competitive advantage.

Burgal provides a variety of consultation and training services for businesses of all sizes. Our services correspond comprehensively to different business needs. To achieve the best results, we tailor all our services while listening to the needs of our customers.

By renewing and developing a business culture, the organization can achieve a competitive advantage that increases productivity, cash flow, employee wellbeing and the continuous growth of business. Finland’s Labour Market is constantly renewing due to technological development and the increase in foreign speakers. Burgal provides expert assistance to these needs of an ever-changing professional life. Our objective is to create professional life where companies have the best solutions to increase productivity and profitability in the labour market.

Competitive advantage from first-class employee competence

Our philosophy is that employees are the key factor to the success to any company. The staff of each company is different, and the best results can be achieved when employees find tasks matching their own competence. Competitive advantage can be achieved by training the current staff and leading the company’s human capital.

Leading human capital is the only way to achieve permanent competitiveness in the corporate world since there is high-level of competition over skilled employees. Money and other physical assets can be already led, but in the future commercial activities are moving from product-based to more service and information-based. Machines cannot perform the work that demands complex skills, creativity, and knowledge. For this reason, the development of staff competence is important for company’s competitive advantage. Burgal’s Training Programs enables the learning and further development for employees at all levels within the organization.

Lead Future Finland -coaching for supervisors

By 2030 the working-age population of the Helsinki metropolitan area will be between 30% and 40% coming from immigrant backgrounds. Foreign language in work life and business creates challenges that require a completely new type of approach from people in supervisory positions. We want to encourage companies to stand up to prejudice against immigrants, for example, by helping immigrants find jobs suitable for their skills. We believe that confronting problems can be reduced through our solutions with which people’s skills and productivity will bloom. Lead Future Finland – a training program aimed at supervisors of companies of all sizes that responds to the challenges arising from a foreign language and integrating into Finnish working life.

Burgal Coaching — professional life training
for individuals and groups

Burgal Coaching provides personal coaching for individuals and groups for future working lives. Our customer-oriented training is always tailored to meet the needs of the target audience, allowing us to provide the best tools for professional life. Burgal Coaching is aimed especially for students and those already in professional life, who wish to develop their skills and abilities in one particular aspect of their career. When coaching, we focus on raising the potential of the individual and the organization.

Why Coaching in schools?

The number of foreigners is increasing in Finland, which also requires resources from educational institutions. Therefore, educational institutions must understand even more about supporting different identities and considering their needs. Burgal Coaching aims to help students transition to Finish working society and figure out their direction. In addition, coaching improves communication for foreigners with Finnish language difficulties. Through coaching, students’ self-knowledge increases, and they learn new things and focus sensibly on their studies and working life.

With the help of coaching, the student manages their work much more effectively. For this reason, it is worth investing in developing working life skills and the well-being of students because it is a scarce but essential resource.

Blockchain technology

Digitalization is renewing business. Modern technology and digital solutions creates new business opportunities, service innovations and a prospect to build new market areas to the natural resource and environmental sectors. This allows, for example, to renew Finland’s agriculture. The digital environments of the future will highlight, among other things, the importance of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. They can significantly increase the transparency of trading from a consumer but also business perspective.

By using blockchain technology, companies can achieve a more transparent business that creates first-class competitive advantage. Here at Burgal, we provides trainings and seminars on the possibilities of blockchain technology. The aim of the seminars is to develop overall knowledge and help understand how value can be produced in the future by using blockchain technology.

All our consulting courses can be tailored to suit needs

Given the current labour shortage in Finland, the deterioration of the economic dependency ratio and the age structure, it is no wonder that there are confronting problems in the labour market. As these phenomena have a significant impact on the Finnish economy as a whole, we want to develop better solutions for the working world in cooperation with both public and private operators. We are happy to discuss ideas and want to brainstorm more with you, so please contact us and let’s start working together today!

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